RemoteTrigger  Features

Remote Shooting

By just connecting RemoteTrigger and RemoteTrigger app via bluetooth, you can take photos remotely. Its 10m wireless connection releases users from concerning the camera position and the traditional release cable length. First, turn on RemoteTrigger by holding down the power button, and tap your RemoteTrigger that appears on the app screen to connect. Then, enjoy RemoteTrigger.

remote image

Jump shooting

This function uses accelerometer on your smartphone for taking a shutter while you are jumping. You can adjust sensitivity for jumping in 3 levels and shutter timing with a slider on RemoteTrigger app. Taking jumping photos becomes much easier than ever.

jump image

Smartphone camera is
also controllable

RemoteTrigger supports shooting smartphone camera. This function does not need any cables. Just stand your smartphone and push the button on connected RemoteTrigger to take photos. Of course, iPad (since the 3rd generation), iPad mini and iPod Touch (since the 5th generation) are supported. When you have a dinner with your friends, it is easy to take perfect group photos with inner camera on your smartphone.

Timed shooting

Some middle and low class DSLRs do not have timed shooting function. With RemoteTrigger, every camera allows you to take timed photos and create timelapse videos. Once timelapse has started, you can switch to other apps or turn off your smartphone while timed shooting is working.

timelapse image


This is a simple delay shooting. The situation in which the photographer is late for the shutter time does not happen anymore. Notifying with vibration of smartphone in your pocket when the time of shutter come, you can pose freely.

timer image


Bulb is needed to take beautiful photos of fireworks and a starry sky. For taking a bulb shooting, you have to prevent camera shaking so nervously that you want to avoid using even a wired release cable. RemoteTrigger’s 10m wireless control solves these troubles allowing you to take shutter from everywhere around your DSLR.

bulb image

Physical release button

RemoteTrigger has a release button other than a power button to take a shutter. When you are using your smartphone for other things or the smartphone has lack of a battery, you can use RemoteTrigger as a wired release button.

release button image


RemoteTrigger is as small as the Frisk case, and its weight of only 20g is light enough to hang on your camera with a strap. RemoteTrigger is designed to be smooth and minimal for you to always carry it in your bag.

Long battery life for two years

RemoteTrigger adopts Bluetooth 4.0 for saving power. RemoteTrigger has ability to take about 30000 photos with single AAA battery. You do not have to exchange a battery more than two years even if you have taken 1000 photos a month. Enjoy remote shooting with RemoteTrigger anytime, anywhere.

bluetooth image

Almost major DSLRs supported

DSLRs of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic are almost supported. RemoteTrigger is applicable to various DSLRs by just exchanging the release cables. As We prepared an infrared cable,you can use RemoteTrigger even if your DSLR do not have release cable ports.

Check your DSLR is supported