DSLRs and smartphones
Remote shooting both with one device

RemoteTrigger App (Free)

Easily freely
to shoot digital camera from your smartphone.

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You can take DSLR photos remotely with your smartphone app via RemoteTrigger. Its 10m wireless connection releases users from concerning the camera position and the traditional release cable length.

remote image

Attractive functions
makes your camera more enjoyable.

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RemoteTrigger provides not only simple remote release but also some attractive functions, such as timed shooting for a timelapse video, and jump shooting which uses an accelerometer of smartphones.

functions image
Phone Control

Not only DSLRs,
but also smartphones.

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As well as digital cameras, a camera on your smartphones are supported. You can control smartphone cameras remotely with RemoteTrigger via Bluetooth.

control iphone camera

Battery is discharged
when you forget it.

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RemoteTrigger keeps running with single AAA battery for two years. It runs for whole day with one battery charge.

Long life

Almost major DSLRs are supported.

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Almost major DSLRs are supported only by changing specified release cables. If you have several DSLRs, RemoteTrigger is adaptable to all, and you can share it with your friend easily on a trip.

Check your DSLR is supported
Select camera manufacturer and camera model
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2.Select camera model
Please send email to support-usa@cerevo.com if you can not check your camera model.