• Tutorial is started when launching the app for the first time
  • If you just want to control the camera of smartphone, please skip to touch this tutorial by skip label of green color
  • Turn your camera on. Connect the release cable to your SmartTrigger’s connector port. See also here
  • Turn SmartTrigger on by holding the right button for three seconds See also here
  • Once the SmartTrigger device name shows up, connect it by selecting it
  • Starts firmware update if SmartTrigger's version is smaller than included firmware in SmartTrigger App
  • If you are using an infrared connection, you will need to specify your camera’s manufacturer. In order to do so select the manufacturer’s name that correspond to you camera
  • Tutorial is now over! Try using SmartTrigger by pressing the button below
  • Congratulations! Your SmartTrigger is properly connect with your smart device!