Firmware Update
You can check latest firmware version in SmartTrigger App if your smartphone is in online
  • Do not turn SmartTrigger off
  • Update within close range to SmartTrigger
  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged
  • Once started, update cannot be cancelled
  • Do not switch app

  • Firmware version: 5
    Main Improvements
    • Supported both of bulb mode of PENTAX by infrared
  • Firmware version: 4
    Main Improvements
    • Supported bulb shooting by infrared connection while SmartTrigger is in Timer Shooting, Timelapse
    • Supported bulb shooting by infrared connection for Olympus camera models
  • Firmware version: 3
    Main Improvements
    • Fixed do not disconnect when SmartTrigger was in idle time for ten minutes
    • Fixed keep to light LED when SmartTrigger is in firmware updating
  • Firmware version: 2
    Main Improvements
    • Supported Infrared shooting
    • Improved LED light/blink(During Power-on, Pairing, Timer Shooting and Timelapse)
    • Fixed for Fimrware update, Timer Shooting and Timelapse